Eva T Aleman

My interest in photography started during my teen years. One summer while visiting a cousin who was a professional photographer I ended up learning how to develop B/W photos as well as retouch B/W film. It was then that my passion for the art of photography began.

In college I focused on photography classes while earning my Associate of Arts degree. While going to school I worked in photography related jobs such as being a photo retoucher in a professional lab and I worked at a One Hour photo lab. These jobs taught me about the production side of the business.

After graduation I continued my career, as a commercial photographer’s assistant and worked over 5 years in a portrait studio.

In 2005 I started Aleman Photography as an independent photographer and have being doing freelance work ever since; family portraits and special events are my specialty.

Fundraisers have allowed us to generate thousands of dollars for the organizations that I worked with. Paying it forward is one of my biggest virtues.  

My love for photography and the desire to learn new things continues to evolve to this day.